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is the technological leader in biometric identification for third-party user authentication.

As a serial entrepreneur in the healthcare space, CEO Eli Rowe was well aware of the need for a more secure method of application sign-ons and verifications, especially when highly sensitive data was involved. Most financial and medical application solution providers take security seriously. But the changing nature of security threats and best practices keep programmers scrambling to keep up. The result is that nearly every web site implements its own tight security scheme, often dismissing usability concerns as secondary. Clients are forced to remember a multitude of highly complex passwords with special characters, re-verify constantly using text message checks, or deal with account lockouts.

Surely there had to be a better way!

Biometrics was the answer.

In 2014 Eli met Moti Mitteldorf. Moti, a serial entrepreneur in his own right with many years’ experience building cutting edge technology and web-based solutions, heard Eli’s vision and decided to join forces to start building out cutting-edge verification solutions. Together Moti and Eli have built out futuristic technologies both in biometric and healthcare space.
MeOnly allows users to create a MeONLY account once, using an advanced algorithm of biometrics, phone, knowledge and voice to create an E-DNA and then use their E-DNA to sign on to any solution who has partnered with MeOnly.

To learn more about MeONLY please visit www.MeONLY.co. to visit our DEMOLAND and see how MeONLY can be used in your business please click here.

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