MeOnly is a biometric platform that allow third party service to identify their users and verify their identity.

MeONLY takes photos, scans document, takes selfies, ask awareness questions, does deep scans online and using sophisticated computer learning algorithms ensure ones’ identity.

Yes, if MeONLY is not 100% sure who the individual is it will require the person to manually verify.

Currently MeONLY is only operating in the USA & Canada

MeONLY works with any legal business operating in the USA or Canada. For ethical reasons MeONLY is proud not to provide services to adult sites.

MeONLY uses end to end encryption. All data is encrypted in transit and rest. All scanned images and documents are purged from within the platform after a short period of time. Imaged data becomes E-DNA which is useless without the person who is the match to the his/her digital footprint.

MeONLY is constantly expanding its array of modalities. Currently in use is voice, image, video, document, identity/driver card, awareness questions and more. MeONLY uses a sophisticated algorithm in deciding what it needs to ensure a confident verification level.

MeONLY was founded by Moti Mitteldorf and Eli Rowe. To learn more about the team please check out www.MeONLY.Co

All data is saved, analyzed, and then purged. An E-DNA is created. Like real DNA It is required for an individual use, each E-DNA is unique to that individual and can only be “open” (Verified) by the individual who created the digital identity.

MeONLY while not currently marketing in the UK supports the concept of the right to be forgotten. When a user is deleted from the platform every trace of data within the MeONLY platform is eradicated.

E-DNA is a digital footprint. It is a made of the different data points collected during the account creation in addition to environmental surroundings.

MeONLY learns with every verification, as long as one scans (verifies) on semi regular basis their E-DNA will mature and learn. If one has a drastic change the system may need to relearn and reverify.

There is NO cost to consumers for using MeONLY. the only costs are to third party entities using MeONLY such as web and app developers and companies who embed our technology.

Embedding MeONLY helps eliminate fraud, adds confidence, expedites checkout and lets your clients know you value their security while protecting yourself. MeONLY only requires a one-time signup and then users can verify on our network of partner solutions.